Louis "Fish" Fisher

Globally recognized, award-winning Photojournalist, traveling and documenting major cultural shifts – human triumphs, dreams and struggles – co-creating inspiring imagery for positive action.

As far as "image makers" go, Fish doesn't often fit the description. Quirky, colorful and eccentric have been some of the stand-out qualities of his creative persona, though it doesn't prepare you for nearly a fraction of his decade-long body of work. Covering everything from Middle East Conflict Zones to Hollywood Red Carpets, Fish has been immersed in photojournalism as a fresh and optimistic perspective in an often "dark depiction of the human condition." His work has been featured in New York Times, Jerusalem Post, Rolling Stone, Vogue Italia, Getty Images, Daily News, Haaretz and more.

In recent years, Fish has turned his focus on stories of battling for climate change, protecting human rights, and mankind's relationship with technology. He has been a major contributor with movements such as Human Rights Campaign,, Unify, Standing Rock, Tent City LA, Operation Smile and For The Unseen. As he works to uncover the veil of separation through art and media, Fish is often heard saying, "I can only hope that my contributions inspire others to do their part, no matter how far the dream may seem, we move closer, together."


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